“A dreamlike experience.”

I noticed my clothes fit a little different too.

— D. Ballard

"Motivate, Motivate, Motivate."

seeing progression is the best part, it keep up my motivation. 

—F. Dean


Thank you for being understanding, I'm so excited about my weight loss journey.

—M. White


This experience has been very rewarding for me. I like how the workouts are adjusted to how well I'm doing, and how they can be lowered when I'm not doing so well.

—K. Ellis

"I pushed through."

Hey love yes I did today's workout it went great but long and I'm exhausted.... it seemed like today I was fighting to get to the end lol like I was just tired but I pushed through 💪🏾

— B. Blake

"But look 👀👀."

Thank you Jade you don't know how happy I am.

—M. White

"Let the sweat begin."

I loved the flow this time, it was great, Kept me sweating the whole time

— D. Ballard

"is this really happening?!!"

I can see my waist shrinking.... I'm happy that I'm finally trying and seeing progress... Glad to see this workout plan is working ......It's exciting, And it's being successful too.

  — F. Dean

“Everything we wanted and more.”

I can feel myself becoming stronger yay.... I'm so proud of myself

— D. Ballard

“I can see the future”

It's getting easier slowly...... I can hold my planks without becoming as winded a before.

— F. Dean

"Ooooh yeah! Lol."

I can see little changes in my arms and legs too 👏🏽

— D. Ballard

"Thank you."

Thank you, I have a really good trainer lol.

— F. Dean

"Workout from anywhere."

I worked out at the park and it was great.

Z. Belle

"Everything actually worked out."

I think the increases where perfect. I'm determined to get this😂

— F. Dean


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