We have the perfect online plan for you.

This program is an online fitness program that provides members with tools similar to an in person experience. With New Era Fitness, we want you to gain comfort within your skin, accountability skills, self determination skills, how to break old habits, learn to trust people, gain strength, perseverance, and most importantly happiness. True happiness is something the New Era Fitness Team practices everyday and we hope this journey gives you everything you need to continue living your beautiful life. In this online program, we will equip you with daily workout plans and fitness explanation videos. Members will also be given a personal grocery guide of foods, snacks, and a personalized detox water. Workouts are designed to move accordingly to your strength and speed. We welcome you to our online experience.


Please consult your health care physican to clear if you are able to perform workouts and adjust food intake.





  • Weekly weigh-ins and photos
  • Daily check ins and personal contact with fitness instructor 
  • Personalized workout plans 
  • Personalized detox water guide
  • Meal guide 
  • Motivation throughout your fitness journey
  • Life-long lessons than can be applied throughout your life
  • 1 NEF water bottle




Activation fee for first month: $69.99 (includes 1 NEF water bottle)

Month to month fee after first month: $39.99





                                                            "A piece of cake”

It's becoming like second nature honestly. I don't even mind working out.

— F.Dean


“I can’t wait until next summer!”

I can't believe how much one week difference made. I can't wait to see more results!☺️

— D.Ballard

                                      “Stellar, service.”

I love the word of the week. It keeps you motivated. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                         — K.Ellis


Results that make a difference...