A live media experience to remember. 

Our skype online service is for those who enjoy having a personal trainer watching their form and technique. Fitness instructors encourage and guide their members by using skype or face-time. Fitness members experience a live interactive experience with their fitness instructor by gaining daily/weekly confidence and encouragement to strive for success each day. Fitness instructors work with its members online via live video by giving motivational words, visual fitness demonstrations, and are available to answer any questions members may have.  Throughout this service, fitness members will be given daily workout regiments, a personalized meal plan, personalized detox water, and results that will make themselves proud. This service is for members who love the live interaction with instruction while working out. We welcome you to our 1 on 1 live fitness experience.


Please consult your health care physician to clear if you are able to perform workouts and adjust food intake.


  • Daily check ins and personal contact with fitness instructor
  •  Weekly weigh-ins and photos
  • Personalized workout plans
  • Personalized detox water guide
  • Meal guide 
  • Motivation throughout your fitness journey
  • Life-long lessons than can be applied throughout your life
  • 2 Live personal training through skype a week
  • 1 NEF bottle



  • Two days a week, 45 minute each day live workouts per week.  Includes same features as online package.
  • First month activation fee is $99.99 (Includes 1 NEF water bottle)
  •  Month to month fee after activation month is $69.99                                                            

Results that make a difference...