"A new wave on fitness, health, and healthy living. We welcome you to New Era Fitness, Please Join the Journey."- Jade Glymph


We are an interactive online based program that offers individual personalized fitness components that can be accessed and performed from anywhere around the world. New Era Fitness has found a passion in finding time to workout from anywhere. By having an internet connection, material can be accessed from home, work, the park, and even on vacation. New Era Fitness members can receive media and information via their cell phone, iPad, and or computer.

New Era fitness provides each of it's member's with easy to do workouts that do not require a gym, gym membership, or expensive gym tools. Members will be encouraged and taught how to perform exercises in the comforts of their home or anywhere. Members will be given exercises in both upper and lower body, cardio, and abdominal regions. New Era fitness prepares its members with meal guides because we encourage a life of healthy eating as it helps nourish our body and mind. We also provide our members with a detox water recipe. We strongly practice drinking detox water everyday as the water has the proper minerals our body needs to stay hydrated and refreshed. Together, these will help create a total life changing experience. 

It isn’t easy putting down the delicious unhealthy foods and replacing them with a tasty, healthy choice, but it is a necessary act if we want to have a longer, happier, healthier, and more proactive life. This is a personal journey at which you will begin to understand what your body likes and doesn’t like. You will find what your body needs to survive long and tedious days. Through persevering the workouts, you will gain the self confidence you desire to handle any challenge that comes your way because the hardest part of this journey was starting. We are proud and honored that you are beginning this journey with us. We welcome you to New Era Fitness.



Online Personal Training

Join the Online journey as it offers you the tools you need to be physically trained from any location.              

Skype training

Join a live fitness experience with an instructor. Engage in workout regimes, and ask how you are doing while interacting live with an instructor.

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“Progress!! Yay 👏🏽 .”          



Yes mam, I think I'm already seeing a difference.

-M. White


"I am excited yet nervous. There's going to be a lot of changes."

-D. Rhines


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